XtremeVision LED 4000K

The latest trend in the world of automotive lighting is LED. The Philips X-treme Vision range presents a series of bulbs which are suitable for signalling and interior lighting. By choosing these bulbs by Philips you know you’re getting the highest quality product on the market. Against halogen bulbs there’s no comparison - LED bulbs give off a much brighter intense light with greater longevity.

Please be aware that this range of Philips X-treme Vision LED bulbs is designed for interior use. They can be used in an exterior application but it is not road legal to do and, in addition, due to technical differences between LED and halogen technology, a vehicle warning light may be triggered depending on the configuration of your vehicle. This is more likely to happen if your car was manufactured after 2005. We would recommend that you purchase the Philips CANbus warning canceller for LED lamps to solve this issue.