VIVID Auto  is Kazakh online store specializing in the sale of xenon equipment and other

light sources.

Vivid Auto Company was founded in 2005. Today Vivid Auto is one of the leading distribution companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We cooperate with the best world manufacturers, choosing the most successful brands like Philips, L & D, Narva, Trico, guided the following criteria: high quality, high customer value and high demand in the market.


Our main goal is provide a degree of logistics, distribution and trade marketing support the brand in order to the target consumers of these goods could easy find and purchase the products of our partners.

We have brands from a variety of product categories in our portfolio. It does not prevent us to successfully promote each of them in strict accordance with the policies of the manufacturer.

We are always opened to new opportunities and look forward to working with the company aimed at long-term successful business in Kazakhstan. Our company has all the necessary resources for successful work both current and new brands and projects.

Our extensive experience with various brands of different product categories, deep knowledge and understanding of the local market, solid business reputation and well-established partnerships with all major players in the key retail and wholesale trade is the result of many years of active work in the steel market.


PHILIPS- Dutch company was founded in 1891


World Renowned Lighting group Philips manufactures automotive lamps based on the most modern technology. There are bulbs for auto head light, interior lamps, xenon lamps philips, LED lamp size and light chassis. Philips has a range of automotive lamps for special applications: VisionPlus, BlueVision ultra, X-tremeVision, X-tremeVision Plus, NightGuide, WeatherVision, Ecovision, which are permitted by all the major automobile companies. At the same time company continues to develop new Philips D2S Xenon bulb and D2R, LED front lighting systems, Internal ceiling lighting lamps Philips and etc. Philips lamps for cars - the most expensive but also the most reliable lamp with the best quality of light. They are installed only on business and premium class cars.


Trico company has a long history, which is the world's first released wipers for cars in 1917. From the very beginning of its existence, Trico engaged exclusively in the production of wiper blades.


Currently, the company has five factories, which are engaged in the development and production of janitors. We gave brief comments on the main popular series wipers from this company:


Trico NeoForm - the most popular series in the catalog frameless wiper Trico. You can pick up the brush on any car, as unformed available with all the possible types of fasteners. In this series of brushes mounted spoiler to improve downforce.


Trico Ice - Series 2012. The first series of frameless wiper made specifically for winter conditions. Rubber with teflon coating and increased strength. Full protect from icing or freezing.


Trico Fit Hybrid - a hybrid with a standard brush attachment "hook". It is not for all cars.


Trico Flex - frameless wiper range, launched in 2013. The main difference of this janitors is number of cycles (passes on the glass 1.5 million cycles while NeoForm passes 1 million).


L & D is Spanish company specialized in producing air freshener for car and home since 1980. Perfumes of L & D company are formulated with a choice of fruit and floral aromas that are carefully developed by perfumers to create the most natural flavors with unique properties duration, distribution and freshness that makes them exclusive in the market.


Why do customers choose our online store:


A wide selection of equipment of famous foreign and domestic brands.

We work with such well-established companies as IPF, HARRISON, Hella, PILOT, PHILIPS, KOITO, STARLINE, TOMAHAWK, MAGICAR, CNMAX and many others. In our shop we offer both not expensive sets of xenon, strobe, alarm and equipment, and goods related to the elite.


Reasonable prices.

Thanks to strong business relationships with suppliers, our company tries to provide some of the lowest prices in the market.


A careful and precautionary attitude to customers.

We provide customers with the most detailed and accurate information about the products displayed in our online store. Our information-dispatching service is always ready to answer all your questions.


Convenient payment terms.

You do not need to do any pre-payment - just pay cash to the courier upon delivery.


Convenient delivery.

We will promptly deliver the selected goods to Almaty and other cities in Kazakhstan.


Full trust in company.

Online store «VIVID AUTO» works since 2005, offering the best conditions of delivery and payment.


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